Palm Beach Weekend
From Friday 27 May 2016 through the morning of 31 May, Dennis F. Stevens and his longtime friend and former Playboy model, Nicole Kelley, had the pleasure of visiting with friends in the fabulous community of Palm Beach, Florida.   Below are some magnificent mansions or homes they had a chance to either visit or drive-by.  
The above are photos are of prolific crime fiction writer
James Patterson and wife Sue.  And their
Casa Ananda beachfront home.

While some photos were taken by Nicole Kelley on her iPhone, the majority were furnished by the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce.   The photos are of (top left):  backyard of Ann Coulter’s Seabreeze Avenue villa (the front is purposely not as impressive).  Top right and second row left:  Rush Limbaugh’s beachfront home.   Second row right:  Howard Stearn’s beachfront home – near Limbaugh’s.  Bottom row photos are of Donard Trumps Mar-a-Lago Club.  
TRIVIA:    James Patterson purchased Casa Ananda for 17.4 million and then sunk another $4 million in renovations.   Today his annual property tax alone is well over $250,000 and it costs another $325,000 - $375,000 in annual staff and maintenance.   Little wonder James Patterson no longer writes his own books but sells his name to collaborators who basically write them for him.  To maintain his lifestyle, Patterson needs to publish six to eight books per year.  Using collaborators is an easy way to accomplish this. 
TRIVIA:    Rush’s compound is located on the north end of the Island and consists of 5-separate houses with Rush living in the largest, a 24,000 sq. ft. mansion.  The main house has 9 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and the annual property taxes are approximately $450,000.”   According to Ann Coulter, Rush had recently been offered $65 million for the beachfront compound which included four guest houses, putting green and private beach.  The property is valued at $44 million.  Contrary to popular belief, Limbaugh does not broadcast his radio show from his castle but rather from the 3rd floor of a discreet building about a mile from his home and only 100 yards from the sandy Atlantic beach. 
Limbaugh’s $56 million G550 jet aircraft is housed at an executive airport not far from the West Palm Beach International Airport.   Rush also owns a number of $400,000 black Daimler Maybach 57 S automobiles.

TRIVIA:     There’s a point where North County Rd. becomes what is known as Raider’s Row – where Limbaugh’s compound is located.  Before reaching Limbaugh’s castle, is located Howard Stern’s nearby $55 million beachfront compound, with its three houses, two of them connected and the third a standalone guest house.  The main dwelling which Howard shares with wife Beth is reportedly 19,800 sq. ft. for a total living space of 39,000 sq. ft. on the property.

TRIVIA:     Mar-a-Lago was built between 1924 and 1927 by socialite and founder of General Foods, Marjorie Merriweather Post (1887–1973), the 126 room, 110,000 square foot structure was her home until her death.  Donald Trump paid $10 million for the mansion in 1985 and had it completely refurbished to his own taste.  Not all of the Mar-a-Lago facilities are open year around.  Some are closed during the summer months. 
Among Marjorie’s children was popular actress Dina Merrill, married to actor Cliff Robertson from 1966 – 1989.  Both Dina and cliff were born in 1923 but Robertson died (of natural causes) in 2011.  

When not staying with their host, Dennis and Nicole stayed at the Four Seasons – on South Ocean Boulevard.   Using Nicole’s iPhone 5 (she refuses to upgrade) Dennis snapped the above photos of the former Playboy model – now 48 years of age – in their Four Seasons suite.  Never married, Nicole has taken to occasionally wearing the gold wedding band Dennis gave her during their European vacation – in order to keep testosterone filled young Italian and French men from hitting on her and constantly pinching her behind.