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Recently declassified Mossad missions, as told to former Reuters photojournalist Dennis F. Stevens by Rachel Mordechai, A recently retired Mossad Agent and Sayeret Matkal commando.
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Dennis F. Stevens with Lou Lenart in Jerusalem on the Temple
Mount in front of the Al Aqsa Mosque.  Lenart, co-founder of the Israeli Air Force and El Al Airlines, was a US Marine Corp. major who on 29 May, 1948, led the first IAF mission; which was against the Egyptian army advancing against Tel Aviv.

As the tanks were advancing, Lenart did not waste any time.  He gathered the small group of three other pilots – Ezer Weizman, Eddie Cohen and Modi Alon – and explained they would be heading out for their first mission to stop the Egyptians.

As the leader, Lenart flew in first, diving down over a group of vehicles, dropping his bombs and luckily hitting a fuel truck, setting off a number of secondary explosions.  The other pilots followed suit and then began strafing the ground troops withmachine gun fire.  The Egyptians turned back.  The bridge where the Egyptians were stopped would later becalled “Ad Halom,” Hebrew for “Until Here.” 
Above are photos taken of Rachel Mordechai by former Reuter's photojournalist covering the gulf war, Dennis F. Stevens, in Jan 1991.  Although, while dating her, Dennis did not know she was actually a Mossad agent and Sayeret Matkal commando. She presented herself as an IDF spokesperson with the rank of lieutenant. Which was her IDF cover.  In 2018 Rachel retired from the IDF with the rank of colonel and for the first time Dennis, through her diaries, learned who she really was.